How Juventus have made a killing from player trading

18 October at 16:55
It is not a secret that Juventus have established a vast scouting network thanks to director of sport Fabio Paratici. 

Juventus haven’t just been raking in money by selling established stars, however. For every Paul Pogba, Calcio & Finanza’s Alfonso Ricciardi writes that the Bianconeri have turned profits from selling talents who have never even worn the Old Lady’s shirt.

M’Baye Diagne is one example, being acquired for 80k and being sold on for 1.3 million after being loaned out to Waterloo and Ajaccio.

Ciro Immobile is a similar case, one in which Juventus sold half of his rights to Genoa, and the other half to Torino for a total 11.9m, while Domenico Berardi has allowed Juventus to earn 11.7m in profits.

Adapted by @EdoDalmonte


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