Abbiati explains why Bonucci left AC Milan

09 August at 09:35
Former AC Milan goalkeeper Chriastian Abbiati has spoken with La Gazzetta dello Sport about the club’s transfer plans.

The former Italy International was the team manager of the Rossoneri last season but he resigned from his position after the end of Yoghong Li’s presidency.

“It’s hard to be a club manager. It’s a political role which, at the end, I thought doesn’t suit me. Most of times I was coming back home very angry and although Mirabelli offered me a new contract I preferred to leave.”

“The situation was a bit confusing too. People pretended that the organization was perfect but it wasn’t like that. I am not surprised of how things ended up, my point of reference has always been Gattuso. What he did was incredible, he motivated the players and he ‘entered their minds’. I advice Elliot to keep him at AC Milan.”

“Donnarumma? He was one of the few people to be brave enough to go against Raiola. He has always acted for the club’s good. There are many games next season and both Donnarumma and Reina will have game time. Now he will train with another goalkeeper coach. Magni did a great job. He took Donnarumma to the level he is now,  but in the last year he has not improved.”

“Leo and Maldini are two friends of mine, the right men for this club. When I saw Leonardo arriving I immediately thought: ‘Paolo is coming next’.”

“Higuain? I am surprised Juventus did this operation, he is the goal scorer AC Milan were looking for. Bonucci? Probably he was made promises that were not kept, but Leo helped Romagnoli to improve. Hard work is always rewarded, no doubt.”


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