AC Milan and Inter agree on San Siro project together: The words of Scaroni and Antonello

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06 February at 12:00
During an event sponsored by Beretta, AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni along with Inter CEO Andrea Antonello spoke to about the plans of both teams regarding the stadium issue.

"We launched a project related to San Siro with Inter and I have the honour of having made this U-turn, opening a project together. Unlike Rome, where Lazio and Roma hate each other, in Milan, it is not like that. We launched into the stadium project ourselves, I am convinced we will have the best stadium in the world," Scaroni said.

"The two hypotheses are the construction of a new stadium and modernization of San Siro. Every hypothesis has merits and defects but our goal is to give a great stadium to the capital of football. Maybe building a new one could be easier, we will know more in the coming months," he added.

"Managing the Mazza stadium means almost managing a Champions League final every week. There are architectural limits. Today we are thinking about a common project that will have to guarantee a stadium that lives up to the others in other European cities. We want a quality project and will involve top-level advisors. For the future, we imagine a smaller capacity, seeing as the stadium is filled only 5-6 times per year. It will be smaller but more efficient," Antonello said.


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