AC Milan and UEFA negotiating for a non-judicial agreement: the details

AC Milan and UEFA negotiating for a non-judicial agreement: the details
2019-23-03 - 09:45
AC Milan and UEFA are dealing, in detail, about an out-of-court agreement to avoid ending up in front of the  Court of Arbitration for Sport. This is what emerged in the last few hours, according to, with the Rossoneri aiming to smooth out the judgment of the Judicial Chamber which, in addition to the economic fine, imposed the necessity to break-even within the 2020/21 season, with the risk of an exclusion from European competitions for a season in an opposite case.

Milan and UEFA lawyers are in constant contact and the parties are willing to settle the matter with an agreement that satisfies everyone. Milan require the lengthening of the timeframe to re-enter the parameters, the possibility of being able to invest in the market to make the team competitive and a possible sanction by UEFA that is issued not a priori, as it is now, but at the end of the monitoring period.

In addition, there is the issue related to the 2017/18 budget which Milan aims to pass of ass a frank year, so as not to be judged on this very particular situation, as Elliott inherited the accounts of the bankrupt Chinese management.

The use of the  Court of Arbitration for Sport, for now, has not been scheduled, but it has not even been formally withdrawn. Milan are aiming for a non-judicial agreement but if it does not happen, then it would return to the judges of Lausanne who, a few days ago, ruled against UEFA, accepting the appeal of PSG, giving a further blow to the credibility of the Financial Fair Play regulations.