AC Milan, Ibrahimovic and the 'coded message': the possible scenarios

06 March at 15:30
A new social media clue from Zlatan Ibrahimovic? This time, compared to when he practically announced his arrival at AC Milan last December, it is much more complicated to decipher.

"Do it with passion or don't do it all," the 38-year-old posted on his social media accounts with a video that shows him during warm-up. There are many possible interpretations. A message to the club? A declaration of love or a signal that paves the way for a departure from football?
  As Gazzetta dello Sport (via reports on the newsstands today, decrypting the code is not easy at all. But the choice of timing, however, certainly cannot go unnoticed. Because no matter how smoky the message is, Ibra has decided to intervene just as the Rossoneri are in a civil war. Probably not a coincidence.

Zvonimir Boban and Paolo Maldini were the reason why he arrived at the club and their potential exit is not a positive for the Swedish star. And the doubts could further increase if Ralf Rangnick, the very likely new coach of Milan, considers his presence not fundamental.

And as highlighted by the Milanese newspaper, this scenario could materialize shortly because who knows the German coach also knows that he does not like working with players who have Ibrahimovic's character. Even more so considering he is about to turn 39 and may not offer the physical guarantees necessary.

On the other hand, the numbers are on Ibrahimovic's side. In addition to three goals in nine appearances, the Scandinavian has just missed two games in two months, managing the situation well and always leaving his mark. He brought quality, experience, charisma and leadership to the team.

This is why the CEO Ivan Gazidis, despite everything, could resume the discussion on the contract renewal. Ibrahimovic would be offered the opportunity as a double leader, on and off the field. A guide on the pitch and a sort of last piece of history "recognizable" in a revival that will have its base in young players. But it remains to be seen if this project intrigues the former Juventus, Barcelona and PSG attacker.
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