AC Milan, Kessie: 'Gasperini is angrier than Gattuso!'

AC Milan, Kessie: 'Gasperini is angrier than Gattuso!'
2019-14-02 - 22:30
AC Milan midfielder Franck Kessie was interviewed by DAZN ahead of Saturday night's match against Atalanta, his former team. 
On Gasperini and Gattuso: "Gasperini's workouts were heavier, we ran a lot, and Gasperini is angrier than Gattuso, even if it doesn't seem like it because Gattuso screams louder!"
On the hug with Calhanoglu after Piatek's goal: "After the goal, it's normal that everyone went to celebrate with Piatek. However, I had seen that Hakan lowered his head after Cragno's save, so I went to hug him. Right now he needs our support." 
On number 19: "The management asked me if I wanted to change back, but I said no because I like the number [79], but more importantly because I don't want fans who have my current jersey to spend more money."