AC Milan-Parma 2-1 Player ratings: lethal Cutrone, what a match from Bakayoko!

02 December at 16:05
AC Milan-Parma 2-1
G. Donnarumma 6: innocent on the goal scored by Inglese.
Calabria 6.5: puts the turbo on his side.
Abate 6.5: plays as a veteran of the role, despite being his first as a central defender. Nothing wrong.
Zapata 6: has an uncomfortable client like Inglese and he controls him rather well.
Rodriguez 6: better in defensive phase, less proactive in attacking.
Kessié 6: takes charge of a very heavy penalty, so thanks to him. But he makes a mistake on Inglese’s goal.
Mauri 6: dynamic and precise, he comes out when Milan goes under. (From 52’ Borini 5.5).
Bakayoko 6.5: sumptuous master of the midfield. Player totally rediscovered.
Suso 6: takes a few shots on goal. Precious in doubling, he puts himself at the service of the team. (From 88’ Castillejo),
Cutrone 7: scores a great goal, the third in this campaign. He gets a penalty kick.
Calhanoglu 6: discontinuous but precious.
Gattuso 6.5: he optimizes the game is first, choosing the defense at 4.
Sepe 6: he opposes very well on Suso in the first half.
Iacoponi 6: keeps a good watch on Calhanoglu.
Bruno Alves 6: despite the age is still a reliable defender.
Bastoni 5: wrong reading the different situations of the game.
Gagliolo 6: great physique and good reactivity, against Suso does not disfigure.
Grassi 6: the intensity is good, the quality much less. (From 82’ Ceravolo no rating)
Scozzarella 6: as long as he has fuel, he does well. (From 78’ Stulac no rating),
Barillà 6.5: misses an easy goal but is man everywhere in the Parma midfield.
Biabiany, 5.5: sprint often, but sees the ball a little. Smoky.
Inglese 6.5: lethal in front of the goal.
Gervinho 5: he is not at his best. (From 62’ Ciciretti 5.5:)
D'Aversa 6: his team is well placed on the pitch, especially in the defensive line.
Emanuele Giulianelli


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