AC Milan, tension between Boban and Maldini amid crisis?

30 September at 10:15
AC Milan's crisis is getting deeper and deeper. Last night, the Rossoneri lost their third consecutive game as Fiorentina dominated the game at San Siro, eventually winning by a convincing 1-3 scoreline. Therefore, most of the supporters were upset with Maldini's comments, who confirmed their full trust in Giampaolo.

However, the difference between the statements of Boban and Maldini is striking. The former, in the days after the defeat against Inter, stated that Milan don't have any time to waste. Meanwhile, Maldini preached calm and wants to give the manager more time to work with.

It seems like there two different opinions on Giampaolo inside the club. Elliott, for their part, are convinced that they have entrusted the club to the best possible management and has total confidence in them, our reporter Daniele Longo has learned. Clearly, though, Giampaolo's future is still linked to the results, and a defeat against Genoa could be goodbye.

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