AC Milan will test Bayern Munich’s resolve with a bid for former Arsenal man Gnabry

27 March at 10:30

Milan are looking to go big in the upcoming summer transfer market. They have bog dreams and lots of ideas on the table. Milan have identified a specific part of the field in which it will be necessary to dip into the market to reinforce the squad available to Gennaro Gattuso: the wings.


Leonardo has long been seeing and making contacts with numerous agents and intermediaries to evaluate the most economically attractive players and the most suitable profiles for Elliott's policy. Young players, already trained and with a great oppertunity to be able to expand both the value of the Rossoneri brand and the possibility of remaining at the top. As reported by the Corriere dello Sport, the mission of the Rossoneri scouts at the game between the Netherlands and Germany was to report on such a player.


Among the special players they watched, Serge Gnabry stood out. He scored in the 34th minute with a right-footed shot past Cillesen. Let go by Arsenal and Stuttgart when he was very young, the winger was able to play both on the left and on the right and is now owned by Bayern Munich. The 23 year old falls 100% in the profile drawn up by Elliott and Gazidis, but will cost at least €50m. Tearing him away from the Bavarians will not be easy, but in the event of the departure of one of Suso and Calhanoglu the Rossoneri club would have ample room for maneuver also from an economic point of view.

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