Ag. Lenglet: 'Napoli? Why should he leave Barcelona?'

Ag. Lenglet: 'Napoli? Why should he leave Barcelona?'
2019-25-03 - 21:40
In the last few days, the name of Clement Lenglet has been linked with a transfer to Napoli, who are looking to strengthen their defence as Raul Albiol isn't exactly getting any younger. 
However, in an interview with Si Gonfia La Rete, the Frenchman's agent more or less put the rumours to bed, although he confirmed that there was interest from Napoli last summer. 
"I don't know what to say, last summer Napoli showed interest in my client, but then Barcelona came around. If he will stay 100%? In football, a percentage of this kind doesn't exist, but I wonder why he should ever leave? He's playing, he's winning and it's Barcelona," he concluded. 
In other words, a transfer seems far-fetched for the time being, though a lot will depend on Barcelona's plans for the future. Until the summer comes round, however, Lenglet seems set to stay.