Exclusive; Agent: 'Kessie among the untouchables at AC Milan'

Exclusive; Agent: 'Kessie among the untouchables at AC Milan'
2018-25-10 - 13:00
Franck Kessie continues to be one of the most used players at AC Milan and has established himself as one of the most reliable midfielders in Italy throughout the last couple of months. Calciomercato.com contacted his agent, George Atangana, to clarify the latest market rumours that have been surrounding his client in the last couple of days.

"We are just on the ninth day of the league and I do not understand why we should already talk about the market. Franck is in his second year at Milan, where he did not come by chance and he is progressively completing his maturation process," he said.

"What I can say is that from Cesena to Bergamo, up to Milan, all the coaches are humanly and professionally linked to Franck. I read about possible conflicts between Leonardo and Gattuso, with Kessie at the centre of it, but I am not aware of similar dynamics and to be honest, I do not even think it is possible.

"I have established a good relationship with the club and I am sure that if the will of Milan was to sell Kessie, I would be the first to know. On the contrary, from the recent dialogues with them, I learned that Franck is among the untouchables at Milan.

"It is normal that offers arrive for a player who has always had a market. However, I find it premature to talk about it right now. Now we have the sole objective of doing well with the Milan shirt. Renewal? I am talking to the management. Everything has its own time," Kessie's agent concluded.