Agnelli: 'There will be a new Super-Champions League in cooperation with UEFA'

26 March at 13:15
Andrea Agnelli, president and the ECA, spoke to the general assembly at Amsterdam about the process of the renewal of European football.

"The priority must be for all interested parties to engage in a detailed assessment of how the landscape of international football could evolve after 2024. FIFA's decision to renew the Club World Cup in 2021 is one of those which ECA cannot support," he said.

"We have opened the development process to get a new vision for the future of UEFA club competitions. This is the beginning of a journey that will see the involvement of all stakeholders. The entrepreneurial risk of any decision taken into professional football are only on the one hand, the club side, our part.

"We are the centrepiece of world football and we must drive change. There will be a new Super-Champions League in cooperation with UEFA. We are opposed to the new 24-team World Cup and demand fewer international breaks," Agnelli concluded.
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