Albertini: 'Milan and Inter are missing European football.’

18 April at 14:30

Demetrio Albertini, former Milan midfielder, speaks at the AIC 'Let's make men' project: "The Milanese are missing European football, without taking Lazio and Rome away, the Milanese are far from the important phases of the Champions League for too long. When you arrive in this moment of the season, you have the position you deserve, the management of the season is the management of negative moments and everyone has had them, some before and after, managing a negative event helps you reach the goal.”


He was also asked about the prospect of a new stadium being built and what it meant for the San Siro “it is a contrasting thing within me, the San Siro is definitely the home of my life, but on the other hand it takes modernity because times have changed and you have to put the fan in the best conditions to see a great show."


“We'll see how the two clubs will want to build the stadium in the best way, if putting San Siro in place or building a new stadium is not for me to say. Then you need to put valuable content in order to win the Championship."


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