Allegri: 'Ronaldo is better, we hope to have him available against Ajax'

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05 April at 12:45

Juventus’ midweek victory halved their distance from the Scudetto, but it also brought into focus a new racism case. On the eve of the match against Milan, a few days before the fourth leg with Ajax, these are the words of Max Allegri at a press conference.


RONALDO - "He is better. At 5 days from the game there are good signs, he is doing everything to be there, we hope he will be available with Ajax"


SCUDETTO - "When it arrives, it will have to be celebrated. There are many merits of Juventus more than negatives of the other teams. Napoli is traveling with an average championship, Juventus is going beyond the average. Napoli deserves compliments, Juve's numbers are impressive "It's 8 years in a row that Juventus won the scudetto, there's daily work and there's an impressive mental strength, otherwise you wouldn't be able to win"


RIVALS - "Napoli are not a flash in the pan, last year at some point even though they had never been in front of everyone they said they would win the scudetto, last year they had 91 points. This year in unsuspected times I said that 87-88 points would have been enough to win it, then if Juventus exceeds 90 points ... Napoli is on average to reach 85-86 points, which is an average normal championship. The match against Milan is against an important team that must prepare us to be at our best for Ajax


 "CASE KEAN -" We must distinguish the two things. The first is racism, it is never justifiable, never justifiable, never justifiable. The second is the behavior to keep in the field, I was not talking about racism but about attitudes, speaking also of the heel with Udinese on the 4-0 that was not done for example, the opponent should not be mocked but always respected, my speech with racism had nothing to do with it. Bonucci expressed himself badly and immediately clarified the next day.”


INJURIES - "Dybala, Mandzukic and Spinazzola are available for tomorrow. Khedira is to be evaluated. Douglas Costa returns on Wednesday against Ajax. Barzagli has a check in the next few days. Cuadrado is available for the match against Spal. Caceres will be out for three weeks. We see, surely there is no tomorrow."


ROTATION - "Chiellini will most likely be out, the others I have to evaluate because we are in a good physical and mental condition then there will be four full days to recover. In the ninety minutes there will be room for everyone".


KEAN - "He is a player running towards the goal, period. He can play with Mandzukic, with Dybala, with Bernardeschi. He is playing well, he is young, he is scoring goals. In Cagliari in the first half he had not played well, I'm generally happy with how he’s growing. To become a great player, like all young people, he must reach a very high mental level and two games are not enough. Before being considered great you had to do 100 games in Serie A. If he stays with his feet on the ground, but it depends only on him, if one thinks after four games to be the best in the world then it lasts longer under water."


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