Allegri: "Ronaldinho? No one has a guaranteed place'

Allegri: "Ronaldinho? No one has a guaranteed place'
2010-01-10 - 14:00

"It's like a final". Massimiliano Allegri motivated his team in the run up to the match against Parma tomorrow. He said in a pre-match press conference: "Parma is a good team, organised, with a creative offence. This match is very important for us, as it will be the last one before the international break after a rather busy week. I also expect this game to make the team move up the table and improve our self-esteem, therefore for us it’s like a final. Tomorrow’s match will be important also from a psychological point of view, as we have to find our self-esteem."

TOMORROW'S FORMATION: "The line-up for tomorrow? I still have some doubts about the midfield and the right full-back position. Inzaghi? There’s a great possibility he’ll play, Pato is available as well, while Ibra has some physical problems, so we’ll see, I don’t want to use players and then be forced to make substitutions.

ON DINHO AND SEEDORF: "Ronaldinho? In football no one has a guaranteed place in the starting line-up. It’s normal that he didn’t like watching our Champions League match from the outside, I would have been surprised if it had been the opposite. He’s important like everyone else in the team, he has to be a added value for this team.”"There are no problems with Clarence, we’ve cleared up everything. We have worked for two months and are trying to achieve important goals, there are no misunderstandings, he’s a very intelligent lad. We came together with all the squad and faced the different tactical problems. This is a very united group which goes in the same direction.”

IBRA-DEPENDENT?: "Do we depend too much on Ibra? I think this kind of talk is not constructive, because if Ibra scores, it means that there are players in the team able to set him up. We have players who can find the net in any situation, I’m talking about our forwards, midfielders and defenders. Ibra’s goals are not enough, but they are very important of course. Milan’s tactical potential is enormous, but we need everyone’s availability in order to adapt to different systems. In order to win on a regular basis, we need to play using different systems. Fortunately, the players have understood the importance of helping each other on the field. Several members of the team had scoring chances, here I’m referring to Seedorf, Robinho, Boateng, Flamini. In certain situations we made mistakes of a technical nature, but at the same time we made the right plays to build up our opportunities. I try to take the most out of the players at my disposal. For a football team it’s fundamental to have balance between the different areas of the field. This is the objective of the work we carry out day after day. A football team needs to have different tactical solutions at its disposal. In conclusion, I wish Ibra to score 100 goals, but I’m sure goals will arrive also from other players.”