Allegri: 'Chelsea didn't deserve to win the Champions League'

Allegri: 'Chelsea didn't deserve to win the Champions League'
2019-08-03 - 23:00
Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri spoke to Sky Sport after the 4-1 win against Udinese.

"I think I only have one fullback, De Sciglio will hardly recover. Either Spinazzola will play or Caceres in the three-man defence, something must be done because we have to play a game of technique and breadth. We will be ready," he said.

"They [Udinese] were good, we prepared well, we are missing five victories to win the title regardless of what Napoli does, 75 gives us good odds at this point, we need to improve individually in the controls and play vertically.

"It will be a different game on Tuesday, we will need more precision and clarity, we have to get to the bottom and celebrate two or three trophies.

"Caceres as a fullback? I don't think so. He may be a solution in the three-man defence. We will see how Barzagli feels, I am so sorry. Douglas Costa almost recovered, he will be available.

"Kean? He did well to stay at Juventus. He has improved a lot in his movements, he is very good, he is young and still has to learn.

"I think we have worked very well in these four and a half years, we have always played the Champions League. We arrived in the second round five teams with me and twice in the final. If we do not succeed this year, it will be next year, perhaps. Bayern has spent years to focus on this, Chelsea won it when they didn't deserve it.

"Atletico the most important match? The reasoning is wrong because there is a great relationship with the club management. Regarding the Champions League, there are too high expectations: it's an obsession, playing the Champions League must be a joy, I'm confident, after five years at Juventus I hope I can continue," Allegri concluded.