Allegri would love to be compared to Ferguson as ‘it would mean staying at Juve for many years’

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05 April at 11:15

Massimiliano Allegri has decided to have a go at writing, and in his new book “It’s very simple” he explains the 32 rules of his footballing style. The Juventus coach spoke to the Corriere della Sera, and went over some of the key points in his book.


"There is always someone who wants to make football more difficult and it makes me go crazy. I only say that it makes it complicated what it is simple. Simplicity is the most complicated thing, but you are going towards an incorrect direction, because complicating things makes work even more difficult."


"A corporate coach is a coach who brings results. I consider myself a manager of Juventus, which at the end of the year must bring home the result, not only in terms of sport, but also in terms of the growth of the players. Results that ultimately affect the company's financial statements."


I would love to be compared to Ferguson, because it would mean staying for many years at Juve. The coach must give a game organization and have the lucidity to understand how far the available players can go. Those that can reach 7 and must give 7, those that can reach 10 they have to give 10. The important thing is that the coach knows the qualities and the point up to where the player in front can go. They can't all do the same things, this is a law of life."


"Holland is an example of a system in which very good players have been developed for many years, that they have not won is another matter. Dutch football was a total football because everyone knew how to play in all the areas of the field. Ajax? The merit of growth is of individual talents within a system that teaches children to play football, which does not mechanize them."


"The complacency and the presumption can make you lose the sense of reality. In the final with Real we had excessive optimism and security. In Europe now you have to win, as you have to win in Italy.”

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