Juve Analyzed: Evra has some insights into Pogba's perfectionism

14 March at 12:30
"Pogba's problem is that he's too talented. When he makes mistakes he feels frustrated, because everyone thinks that a player of his calibre shouldn't make commit certain errors. I always repeat to him that he needs to remain calm, to work and to listen to Allegri. He needs to play like he knows how. It's true that giving it away is frustrating, but it happens because he's always trying something, he's the kind of player who doesn't shirk his responsibilities: against Bayern, for example, he was asking for the ball even when the going got tough. We need people like that, but when they make mistakes everybody only focuses on that. Let's leave him alone, because Paul wants to work hard for the team, to score and provide assists, and I'm very confident [about his development]". 

Paul Pogba's problem isn't his newest haircut (heaven preserve us), nor indeed some supposed lack of effort. According to team-mate Patrice Evra's insightful statement, Pogboom's real struggles seem to be with himself, and the frustration he feels when he makes mistakes. His former team-mate at Manchester United says, in fact, that he constantly has to calm his young team-mate down. Then again, Pogba is the kind of player his team-mates can rely upon when the going gets tough. 

This pit stop may make all the difference come Wednesday. One thing is certain: Pogba won't be backing down from the challenge.  

@GianluMin, translated by @EdoDalmonte


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