Ancelotti closes door to Real Madrid, Man United move for Koulibaly

28 March at 12:00
The Napoli coach, Carlo Ancelotti, conducted an interview with La Repubblica, in which he re-launched his team's ambitions for the near future.
"I have a team that is already well structured and with margins for growth, even if young. In pivotal roles we are in place, the backbone is robust: two valuable goalkeepers, a reliable defence with a phenomenon like Koulibaly, the well-structured midfield with Allan, Zielinski and Fabian. Destined to grow, with targeted investments made in harmony with the club. The big names will all remain, Napoli is not forced to sell and make capital gains. Also, Koulibaly? Absolutely, from here it does not move ".
On his bond with the club and with De Laurentiis: "I share the project of a club that is at the top in Italy and is a protagonist in Europe, but at the same time cannot pay 10 million to a player.
"Laurentiis always keeps the accounts in order and I won't ask him to blow up the bank. Here for life? I can give him psycho-physical guarantees for a maximum of 8 years; time passes and I can't see myself on the sidelines forever".
On the Juve dominance: "Turnover is always more important and you have to find alternative routes. Now we are on the right one, according to our possibilities: Napoli will never be like Juve, but sooner or later it will be able to beat it. Their 8 league titles row tell an absolute dominion: Serie A is in line with Ligue 1 and Bundesliga. But this hegemony will decrease, the Milanese will come out ".


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