Ancelotti: 'Napoli would have qualified to UCL knockout stage without Liverpool, Sarri to Juve...'

10 June at 11:00
Napoli boss Carlo Ancelotti has released an exclusive interview with Il Corriere dello Sport: "The 4-4-2 system allowed me to cover the pitch better. Teams have a better defensive approach with it. We played very well until December and we would have qualified ofr the kockout stage if Liverpool wasn't in our group. The first was a transition season, now we are ready to hit".

SARRI - "His relationship with Napoli fans is strong, of course, someone can feel betrayed but Sarri is a professional and he needs to make decisions for his career".

BEST GAMES OF HIS CAREER - "Milan-Man United and the Champions League final against Istambul! We were amazing in the first half and even when the result was 3-3 we missed many goal chances. They did all they could to get to the penalty kicks. I watched the game again two weeks ago. For the first time in 14 years".

WORST GAMES - "Bologna-Milan, it was my first year at the club and we could have wasted the Champions League qualification. I destroyed the dressing room, we played badly and we could have wasted the Champions League qualification. Another one with Psg. I was angry with Verratti who was sent off. I kicked a box that was in the floor and I hit Ibra in his head. He asked me if I was angry with him and I said no. The last one is this years' game vs. Arsenal. I still struggle to explain how bad we were in the first 20 minutes".

GALLIANI - "He is the best director ever. I also had violent discussions with him but he was vital for my adventure at AC Milan. He is the best director a manager can have".

MOGGI - "A great director. There is one thing I learned at Juve: respect of roles. At Juventus you are defended by the club until the very last day. The club is like a shield. Bayern? I didn't have a 'middle' director. I was speaking with the president directly. Giuntoli? He is so much prepared, he knows every player. One day I tried to ask him for information about a Turkish midfielder playing in the third division. He even knew how many times he was going to the bathroom".


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