Andre Silva refuses to rule out AC Milan return

13 February at 13:15
AC Milan loanee Andre Silva has recovered his best form with Sevilla. The Portuguese striker has spoken with La Gazzetta dello Sport about his future and the upcoming Europa League clash against Lazio: “Lazio are one of the best teams we could draw, here in Sevilla the Europa League is an important trophy, the club has won it five times. I follow Lazio. I am still a player of AC Milan, they are a solid team we need to do our best to beat them”.

ITALY – “I miss Italy, it’s the past and things could have been different. Football is not an individual sport, you need the support of other people to do what you want to”.

AC MILAN – “I am happy because they are doing well. They are fourth in the table now and that’s their main target. I hope they continue. They can return to the top of European football even if they are not the same team they used to be".

FUTURE - "I want to do well in Sevilla and wait, if I had to choose, I’d play in the best team in the world, but I want to play and if I have to choose between Sevilla and AC Milan without playing any game, my choice is pretty simple. I am between two different situations. I am here but I am a player of AC Milan too. I don’t think about it because I don’t want any distraction. The Rossoneri are following me, they send me messages to tell me that I am doing well. I have many friends there, when they came to Sevilla for Europa League I went in their hotel to salute them”.


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