Andre Silva to CM: 'I needed continuous playing time at Milan, my future?'

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14 February at 13:00
Currently on loan at Eintracht Frankfurt, Andre Silva's future continues to be speculated about. The two-year adventure started well for the striker, with three goals in his first four Bundesliga performances. Then, an injury set him back.
However, the Portuguese man has returned to smiling in recent weeks, with two goals in his last two games. Speaking exclusively with, he talked about his experiences in Germany and Italy.
How is it going?

"Now it is going very well, both for me and above all for the team. I always thought it would be fine, hard work pays off. We have to go on like this, we cannot afford to give up now."

Do you like the new adventure in Germany? Do you think the Bundesliga is the right league for you?

"What I like the most is the fact that it is a new adventure. Adventures bring news, even if they are not always easy, but they help you grow. The only certainty for me is football, I am happy where I play."

On the horizon is the Euros with Portugal, what is your goal?

"First of all, I hope everything goes well until the Euros so we can all be there. We expect to be able to provide our best performances as a team. We believe in ourselves and our potential, we know that we can play a great tournament."

How would you rate your experience with AC Milan?

"It was an educational experience, both for my role as a player and for awareness."

In your opinion, what did not work in Milan?

"The period at Milan was relatively limited and discontinuous. My self-confidence would certainly have been greater if I had played more continuously."

What memories do you have of Montella and Gattuso?

"During my time in Milan, they always treated me professionally and I had excellent relationships. I also felt the affection of the fans, so I have good memories of that adventure."

What ideas do you have for the future? Would you like to return to Milan?

"My goal is to grow as a player and as a person. I want to be so strong that no opponent can stop me. I concentrate completely on the present, now I enjoy my time with serenity. I still have a great sympathy for Milan, but how and where things will go in the future is not just up to me."
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