Antonio Conte tells players to have 'short and effortless sex'

Antonio Conte tells players to have 'short and effortless sex'

  • Anthony Privetera
Inter manager Antonio Conte was heard discussing his recommendations for his teams sexual activity, as reported by

“The competition is a battle and when you go to fight, there is no reason to laugh or be happy. I’m very focused on the fact that in the end only one should remain standing and I do everything I can to make it my team. It’s my way of being and it will bring me to end my career soon, because I live my job too much.”

This of course is not the first time the issue of players having sex before matches has been raised. 

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola famously banned his players from having intercourse the night before a match, as leaked by French player Samir Nasri. The notion has been adopted in many sports, with boxers the most consistent in adopting the tactic. 

However while Inter boss Antonio Conte does not ban his players from having sex, the former Chelsea manager admits he urges his squad to keep it short and let their partners do the work, in order to conserve as much energy and testosterone as possible for the hectic fixture schedule. 

“I had set myself a great goal, right from the start, to coach a great club within three or four years, otherwise I would have stopped. However, it must be worth it. I often wonder if it’s right to spend so much time away from my family. You can do a lot of things in football, but the only thing not to sacrifice your family.”

Finally, Conte showed how serious he takes his role, including coaching the players in their personal lives as well, without giving away too much information:

“During the season, the intercourse should not last long, you have to make the least effort possible, so staying under the partner."

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