Baiano: 'Sarri would stay at Chelsea if it were down to him'

31 May at 14:15

Francesco Baiano, the former Italy, Napoli and Derby County forward has been speaking to the Corriere di Torino about the prospect of Sarri managing Juventus "I think Sarri is ready for Juventus, Napoli has matured and even going to the bench in overalls is an easy matter to change. He went to the most difficult championship in the world where no result is taken for granted. Even with his tongue he did well, while the mentality in England is completely different. It was not easy to settle in but then did extraordinary things. We heard two and a half months ago, without talking about the future: if it depended on him I don't think he would change.


I think he is ready for Juve, Napoli has matured him and even going to the bench in a suit is an easy aspect to change. He saw himself in the Europa League final, arrived in uniform and in any case these are not the things that make the difference, but the work. It is normal that it takes time. He said it too: "Now I see my team". Sarri-ball was not seen in London for the first six months. No coach has a magic wand. It may pass as a betrayal, but in the end people understand. Coaches are professionals and go where they find work and where they can win.


I saw Sarri approached for many benches, but the love for the city where he trained will never fade, even if he will go to a competing team. He was born in Naples and found himself very well there. The fact that he goes to coach Juventus changes nothing.


It is true that Allegri’s Juventus was not spectacular but you cannot win five championships by playing badly. After five years it was time to change, but Allegri is a winner and I see him in a top European team, in Spain or England. At Juve, all you have to do is win, but now you are looking for a coach with different aptitudes, which is why Sarri's choice. But beware: the perfect recipe does not exist. The champions make the difference, I've never seen great coaches win with poor teams."


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