Balotelli: 'I don't understand why people don't punish racism, would I be in the national side if I were white?

27 May at 11:35
Former AC Milan and Inter Milan striker Mario Balotelli has been critical of racism in football, saying that he does not know why racists in Italy are not punished properly.

In an interview with Canal Plus, Balotelli said: "It is important that those who can be listened to like me take a position also to give voice to those who suffer discrimination in their normal lives. What I do not understand is how they they do not turn against any discrimination. If they are at the stadium, maybe with my son and neighbor insults somebody, because he is black or gay, I pull his ears. It is possible to leave the camp, but I do not train for a whole week and then leave the camp for a fool. It is easier to identify the fool and send away him."

On whether he would have been in the Italian national team if he were white, Balotelli said:  "If I were white, would I be in the national team? Good question. I think they are no longer in the national team because I too have a part of the blame, for example at Liverpool I didn't play well and it was normal that I wasn't called up. Then there were other things, I don't know if it depends on my strong character or because it's more convenient not to call me for racism. I don't know, but it 's certainly not my fault if I'm not in the national team."


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