Barzagli: 'I'll retire in June, I see little desire and too much chatter from young players'

Barzagli saluta Juve
13 April at 18:05
Juventus defender Andrea Barzagli spoke to Sky Sport after his team's defeat against Spal, reflecting on the match as well as many other things, including his future.

"We wanted to win already today. It was a shame because we played a good game. We did well in the first half but we suffered at the start of the second half. We could have avoided the second goal. It is a pity because we wanted to close it today," he said.

"I thought about my future a lot and it is time. When you are a footballer you find it hard to think about the aftermath. Also because of the injuries, I decided to retire in June. I'm starting a journey understanding what I would like to do. What I will do? There is confusion, I am attracted to everything in the world of football. I will evaluate it.

"I have to understand what I am capable of doing. I have to be functional, I have to understand what interests me and if I know how to do it well, this is fundamental to undertake a new path. As a child, I dreamed of playing football. I always did it with great enthusiasm. I have to find something that gives me as much enthusiasm.

"I'm training with so many boys, football has changed a lot. I think it is important to find the desire to come to the field and make ourselves available and improve. There are champions who never give up and who are born with great skills, others become great footballers.

"You get it if you want it, not if you talk. Lately, I see a lot of chatter and few facts. In our team, all those who come are good guys with a desire to improve. Over the years I have sent little of this desire to improve," Barzagli concluded.


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