Behind the scenes: what happened when Chelsea stars asked Sarri to attend ‘special’ event with them

11 May at 12:55
After Chelsea's Europa League semi-final win over Eintracht Frankfurt, the Blues' players found it really hard to convince their manager to attend a special event with them later.

First it was Cesar Azpilicueta who had a go convince him but Sarri replied:  "No, I can't, I have to work."

It was David Luiz who tried next and he said in Italian: "Boss, you can't miss it." But Sarri still stood firm and said he won't come because he has work.

Emerson tried next and said: "Mister, look into my eyes: you have to participate in our evening."

But Sarri dropped a savage bomb on Emerson and said:  "Well done, you and Jorginho that you didn't help qualify for the World Cup."

Emerson replied: "Mister, but I was injured, I had broken my knee in Roma-Genoa, the day of Totti's farewell."

Funnily enough, Sarri said: "Excuses, excuses. You did not bring us to the World Cup."


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