Bernardeschi-Paqueta, not just an idea: the evaluations of Juve and Milan

27 January at 13:20
The Bernardeschi-Paqueta swap is more than just an idea. It's an operation with far from outlined contours, an affair that all parties define as very difficult in terms of economic valuations, but a track that lives on despite the difficulties.
Both players are going through a tough period at their respective, finding it hard to get continuous playing time. From a technical and tactical point of view, therefore, the swap makes a lot of sense for both parties, but that doesn't mean that it's easy.
Juve and Milan would like to make some capital gain this transfer window, which is one of the reasons why the swap is still alive. However, at the same time, the valuations of the parties represent an issue as it could be tough to reach an agreement.

Evaluations are being made by the clubs, as there are positives and negatives of this deal for both parties.


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