Boban reveals why Milan chose Pioli over Spalletti

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12 October at 10:30
AC Milan director Zvonimir Boban has spoken to the Gazzetta dello Sport about the current situation at the club; after the Rossoneri parted ways with Marco Giampaolo and have signed Stefano Pioli to replace him.

'​I work to make Milan great again, I have been here for a while, we have to work so much from all points of view. We should do better and we will do everything to make it happen. We must fight, we must all work together. It's what we do. We don't have a magic wand. Paolo Maldini and I try to help the club get back to the top with our footballing knowledge. For now it hasn't gone so well, but there's room to improve.

'​Pioli was the best solution on the market, he is not a second choice. We evaluated two situations. Spalletti is a great coach but this does not mean that Pioli is a second choice. And in fact he is not. Pioli is a strong man, he has good football ideas, he has taken over many times doing well.'


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