Bonucci on phone calls with ultras: 'Barzagli, Marchisio and Bernardeschi are cold '

17 January at 12:40
Six phone calls starring Leonardo Bonucci , intercepted by the Turin Public Prosecutor's Office - which in the context of the "Last Banner" investigation was investigating the alleged extortion of a group of ultras against Juventus.

Calciomercato reports that there are calls that go back to summer 2018, when the Juventus defender was preparing to return to the Old Lady after one season played with the Milan shirt. But there were repercussions when attempting to return to Turin for the Azzurri centre back.

Six calls with absolutely irrelevant content from a criminal point of view, but which clarify how Bonucci himself harbored the fear of ending up heavily in the sights of the bianconeri ultras and of being the subject of potential disputes. 

Five telephone numbers in his name were recorded starting from August 4, 2018 and only two days later the player sent a whatsapp message to Fabio Trinchero , one of the leaders of the Vikings.

"I would be pleased when I come back from America to have a chat to explain how things actually went, " Bonucci writes. The answer comes in a tight mail: " With a comparison you can fix things. " On August 6, in another phone call, Bonucci says "Everything under control" to those who ask him for news on the situation with the fans.

It wasn't just the relationship with the fans that was straining though, as Bonucci later says that the same dressing room had some issues with him. It is clear from the chat of 9 August with a friend, who asks how the team welcomed his return after a year of separation: Bonucci replies that the Italians, in particular Barzagli, Bernardeschi and Marchisio, have proved very cold.

In the following months, Juventus will be repeatedly and blatantly challenged by the ultras for the increased costs of tickets and season tickets to the Stadium and the boos aimed at Bonucci.

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Anthony Privetera


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