Brescia, Cellino: "Balotelli bad boy? No, he is mature..."

Cellino.Balotelli.Brescia.conferenza.stampa.jpg Instagram Brescia Calcio
24 August at 14:30
Brescia excited many Italian fans this summer by acquiring 29-year-old divisive Italian striker Mario Balotelli. The player grew up in the city and has spoken for years of his interest in playing with the club. Balotelli has been a controversial player throughout his career, often appearing in the media for his antics on and off the pitch, with some fans loving his unpredictable personality and others finding him unprofessional to the highest extent.

Speaking to Sky Sports about the acquisition, Brescia President Massimo Cellino said the following: "Even then he made a good impression on me, his choice was a heartfelt one. Bad boy? I found him mature and this was an important aspect of betting on him. At his age I was definitely not a good guy...".
Apollo Heyes


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