Buffon defends Conte's Inter move and gives his take on Sarri to Juventus

16 June at 10:45
Former Juventus captain and goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon spoke to Corriere dello Sport in a lengthy interview about his departure from PSG as well as the current situation at his former club.

"Already five months ago, PSG had told me that at the end of the campaign I would have been proposed the role of the second goalkeeper. From January I had plenty of time to think about it and I cam to the conclusion that it isn't for me. I gave up a lot of money. Their request was legitimate, understandable and the offer was tempting. But at 41, I am in search of emotion," he said.

"My future? I find myself like a summer ago, in an extraordinary state of serenity and total relaxation where everything is open and everything can be closed in twelve months as in fifteen days. Some nice proposals have arrived but we will see.

"I would like to attend a coaching course or maybe for a sporting director or business manager, I would like to improve my knowledge of English. I would like to structure myself to keep all options open. However, the experience in Paris was exceptional in all aspects.

"I read that some Juve fans have asked to remove Conte's star after his inter move but he is one who gave his last drop of sweat for the club as a player and as a coach. He made a professional choice, even if unsettling.

"He has never betrayed Juve, he is not the type who kisses the shirt. I consider his return to Ital as an important return for the whole system, as well as those of Maldini, Boban and Sarri.

"Sarri at Juve? It is not a revolution, nor a bet. t is a new path, another story. Allegri? The class with which he managed the farewell was exceptional. I think it was the right time to end it for everyone. Nobody could have done better than Max in the last five years. None.

"Ronaldo? He didn't choose Italy, he chose Juve. Juve, if you allow me to say, is another reality. We met in Turin, Ronaldo is much more. Rabiot? He is a great player and also a decent guy. He is a mix of Pogba, Vidal and Marchisio but can still improve," Buffon concluded.


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