Buffon reveals the reason of Pogba’s struggles with Mourinho

Buffon reveals the reason of Pogba’s struggles with Mourinho
2019-12-02 - 10:10
Psg goalkeeper Gigi Buffon will face his former team-mate Paul Pogba at the Old Trafford tonight. The Italian star has released an interview with La Stampa ahead of the game: “One day, at the end of my career, I will reveal my relationship with this competition. It’s not an obsession. I am happy because I had the chance to play it at a very high level. At Juventus, there was a lot of pressure starting from September. Here fans are living it in a different way”.

POGBA VS MOU – “I’ve never thought that players play against a manager. I think it’s a matter of empathy. I’ve felt it during my career sometimes. Paul is a man now, with his own personality. He is a point of reference for Man United”.

PSG – “It’s a very nice experience, I’ve improved as a person. People may think that it’s easy but I am 40 and I had to learn a new language and that’s something that has opened my mind, it was an evolution for me. I think they chose me because I can teach what I learned in a unique club like Juve”.

JUVE - "I feel like an old friend. I am fond of Juve, we will love each other forever. Even the fact of having separated has not caused controversy, there is great respect and esteem."

RONALDO – “He gave new life to the whole environment. The president was good at understanding how we needed a spark to rekindle the enthusiasm."
ATLETICO - "If there is a team that is hard to beat, it is the Atletico, but this Juventus must not be afraid of anything or anyone."