Buffon: 'Still unbeaten at Old Trafford

Buffon: 'Still unbeaten at Old Trafford
2019-12-02 - 23:50
Gigi Buffon spoke on Sky Sport  after Psg's 2-0 win against Man United at Old Trafford: "It seemed easy, we made it become easy. We were compact and we were able to avoid their pressing, I think this was one of the keys of the game”.

“For me it was the second game at Old Trafford. I am still unbeaten here even if one of these games is a final I lost. Today we played against a strong team and it was great to keep a clean sheet.

NEW CONTRACT – “I don’t think about it. I’m trying to be useful for the club and for the team. First of all I want to help the guys on the pitch. If it’s needed also outside it. The contract has never been a problem for me. It wasn’t a problem when I was 30, it’s not now that I am 41”.

ZANIOLO – “I have to see him well before I say something. I always wait before saying something, I want to see more games. For sure, he is showing his qualities, if he is consistent, he can really be a predestined. His dad was a fighter. If he is humble, if he always want to improve and work hard, he can become and incredible talent”.