Capello: 'Icardi? I had the same problems when I was in charge of Real Madrid'

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04 March at 12:25
Former Real Madrid coach Fabio Capello spoke on Sky Sport about the Icardi case and revealed that he had to face a similar situation when he was in charge of Real Madrid. "A manager with personality must notice some things. As a coach, I didn't like when the board interfered".

"Some Inter players didn't pass the ball to Icardi anymore and he was doing the same, a manager must notice that. When I was the manager of Real Madrid, I lived something similar. Suker and Mihajtovic didn't pass the ball to Raul. I noticed it and I called them in my office. I told them what I noticed and they said it was just a coincidence. The same thing happened in the following match and at that point I decided to warn them: 'If it will happen again you two will remain on the bench', I said. Well, it didn't happen again".

Capello did also discuss of the end of his coaching career with England after that the FA decided to strip off Terry's captaincy. 


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