Capello-Inter: 3 reasons to say yes

Foto: Getty Images/Michael Regan
26 May at 09:15
The new challenge is to win Inter, left by Mourinho. 3 Reasons why I would say yes, an old agreement, a strong team, an attractive bet. The first signal came on Monday evening, as it happens while Moratti offered Mourinho the last supper. From Wembley Fabio Capello said: "My name is often linked to Italian teams, first Juventus, now Inter. This is fine but I want to clarify that now my head is full with the World Cup with England". Knowing Capello, our interpretation, without quotation marks because he does not speak is this: if Inter want me I'm available, but woe to him who thinks he can distract me from the objective of a great World Cup with England. Thanks to Moratti’s investments and suggestions from Branca and Oriali, Inter is a team now able to open a cycle. No coincidence that Capello was the only one to say that Inter was the main favourite to win the Champions League, receiving a sharp response from Mourinho: "Who says this does not understand anything about football". To improve this Inter it needs just a couple of tweaks. Accustomed to accepting and winning great challenges, Capello could celebrate the third championship tittle with the "third great" Italian club after Milan and Juventus.
(Gazzetta dello Sport)


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