Capello reveals how he changed Ibrahimovic and what he can give to AC Milan

Ibrahimovic Capello
29 December at 14:45
Former AC Milan and Real Madrid coach Fabio Capello spoke to Sky Sport about Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his return to the San Siro.

"The first time I saw Ibra? I trained Roma, we were in Berlin and there was a friendly with Ajax. Baldini had told me about this player. He was warming up and played the second half, I went to look at him to see a little how he dribbled and the sensitivity in his feet," he said.

"Everything I saw him do also during the match. When I went to Juventus another striker was needed because we only had Del Piero and Trezeguet. He had enormous potential, even if he was a bit particular. I think it was the most economically appropriate purchase that Juve ever made: 16 million paid in 4 years. Ajax didn't believe in him much, even if they say they launched him.

"When he arrived I told him 'you always play outside the penalty box, to score you have to play near the goal'. So I made him prepare a video with all the goals of Van Basten, to show him the goals and movement, and I showed him the cassette alone in the locker room.

"I didn't impose it on him but he really wanted to improve. He moved throughout the attack without being a goalscorer and after that, he became one.

"What can he give Milan? He is one who does not want to lose, he transmits something, who does not lose the ball when he receives it. He makes you go up, he knows how to play the ball, he is not selfish in front of goal: it is very important, also considering his personality.

"If they goad him on the fact of his age, he will be even more proud, more aggressive, more eager to show that he is still capable of being fundamental. And he will be because in Milan there are people who play with the arm and he does not want it that way.

"He will make it clear that they have to express themselves to the maximum and give something more. I believe that these six months he will be a teacher who will guide the boys," Capello concluded.
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