Capello reveals truth about Terry captaincy and England resignation

04 March at 00:15
Fabio Capello spoke to Sky Sport about the end of his England job after that John Terry was stripped of the captaincy of the Three Lions.

'John Terry England captaincy? Well why take away his captaincy. If you do so it's like saying that it's your fault. The captain is decided by the coach and I was the coach at that moment in time. The club made an announcement that Terry wasn't going to be the captain anymore but they didn't tell me about it. I told them that I would let the press know that I didn't agree with this decision. They made a decision without telling me but I didn't consider John Terry to be at fault for anything that was going on. We then found an agreement, I didn't want to lose the leadership in the room and they didn't want to pass bad in front of the media so I left my England job..."


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