"Chiesa is the strongest Italian winger"

"Chiesa is the strongest Italian winger"

Speaking to SoccerMagazine about a number of different topics, former Fiorentina and Chievo player Franco Semioli gave his thoughts; including commenting on the young players of Italy today and who he thinks has a big future ahead of them.

"‚ÄčThe academies re everything, but unfortunately there are few Italian clubs that seriously invest in the youth sector. Atalanta, Torino, Fiorentina, Inter, Milan and Juve are certainly the ones that look more closely, the other teams are still a bit behind and this is certainly a problem because we risk finding ourselves in the future without champions and then leading us to having to buy foreigners, paying a lot of money and without a competitive national team.

"The strongest young Italians? Zaniolo of Roma, Chiesa of Fiorentina and Kean of Juventus. They are the future and I am sure they will be champions. They bode well, but for a strong national team we have to work hard and find other kids like them. 

"The strongest Italian winger? Federico Chiesa, to date he is the most complete. And then too little is said about El Shaarawy."

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