Pellissier: ‘Mussolini did many good and important things for Italy’

07 December at 13:00
Sergio Pellissier, Chievo striker, talked to Un Giorno Da Pecora radio show about topics outside of football.
VERONA - "Mussolini did many good things but also many really bad ones, he has built many roads and created so many important things for Italy. Then there are the ugly, disastrous ones, like the alliance with the Nazis".
THE SUCCESS OF SALVINI - "Salvini's success? If you shoot loudly you get more resonance. He said heavy things and he had a strong echo. I am more at right than left - confesses Pellissier - but if you want to take Italy out of the problems you have to work as a team. Right or left, if someone says something intelligent and sensible, which is good for Italy, you do not have to go against it regardless. You have to take all the positive things of the right and the left and maybe Italy could also come out of today's problems”.
"IBRA?" - There is also room for a football topic. Particularly on the possible return in Serie A of Zlatan Ibrahimovic at AC Milan: "He's a great player but I do not know if Milan needs him or not, he could go to occupy the space of a young man like Cutrone who did well. With the arrival of Ibra, he could find less space, from this point of view it could also be a damage for Milan".

Mirko Laurenti


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