Clubs should think thrice before signing Mauro Icardi in the summer

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17 February at 09:15
Unless you’re living under a rock, Mauro Icardi’s situation at Inter Milan has become more volatile than it was when the Argentine had talked about bringing goons from his country to get rid of the nerazzurri Ultras. One difference that lies in that situation and the one that exists now is the fact that there might be no turning back now.

Icardi settled the scores the last time. But the damage done now goes beyond being merely personal. It has come to a point where Icardi has been treating himself to be a bigger than the club. Along with his wife-agent Wanda Nara, he’s been heading into a spot where a deep abyss lies- an abyss that won’t just deride a player’s reputation. It can deride his career as well.

Its fair to say that the man’s been acting like a petty teenager of late. Someone who is doing things that an immature and agitated kid can do. And it is being targeted at the club he plays for. The club he was so very proud to represent when the new contract seemed done and dusted in the summer. Its hypocritical and hurtful for Inter fans who have got behind him and have forgiven him for the mistakes he’s done in the past.

Let alone not wanting to see the Argentine as the club’s captain, some Inter fans don’t even want to see the player play for the club ever again. With talks with Steven Zhang set to be held for what has gone down recently, there seems to be only one ending to this saga that has tarnished his reputation very badly.

As he will look into the future, there would be one question plaguing his mind. Where next? That’s the question popping up in the minds of many fans. But whatever has transpired recently, be it down to Wanda Nara’s tricks or his own immaturity, will make his future seem tougher than it would have been without all these antics.

Clubs would look at the chance of signing him and would think not just twice, but thrice. Twice because of what he’s done in the past. And thrice, because of what has happened this week. From the cryptic social media posts that weren’t so cryptic to not playing for the club in the Europa League game against Rapid Wein, its not something a professional football player should ever do.

That too after being so happy to carry on playing for Inter in an Instagram post he put up in July. It gives the impression that it was another part of the big agenda of getting a massive contract from the club or just to hold the nerazzurri for ransom- that’s the extent to which his reputation has fallen.

Juventus have been linked with him and were in talks about possibly swapping him for Gonzalo Higuain in the summer. And they still are keeping an eye on what’s going on. But this will make them sit up and wonder if they’re going for the right player. If they do get him, they’ll have to pay exorbitant wages and handle the tantrums of his wife-agent, who is hated by just about every football fan on earth.

Paying massive wages won’t be a problem for clubs like Juve, Real Madrid, Chelsea or Manchester United, but the treatment and handling of the player and his agent will be a very tricky part. What they’ve done at Inter now is a clear example of how they can bring the club into disrepute if things don’t go their way.

Wanda Nara’s Twitter post was a collage of Icardi crying, turning the situation and Inter Milan into a soap opera that has become a public viewing for everyone on Twitter and in the world. It’s a disgrace for anyone who loves Inter and anyone who loves football. Doing it privately in meeting rooms can be acceptable. But doing it publicly is as unprofessional as it gets.

One can expect to react strongly, bar the fact that the striker won’t play in the game against Sampdoria on Sunday. If not for Beppe Marotta, the club would have been taken by the husband-wife pair. And the nerazzurri must be glad that they have the former Juventus man as the CEO to get rid of the situation in a firm way.

Inter will move on when Icardi leaves and since Marotta is there, he won’t be missed for the toxicity that he will leave behind. But Icardi and Wanda must be aware that whatever actions they take today, will have massive consequences in the future. And it will comeback to haunt them.

Kaustubh Pandey (@Kaus_Pandey17)


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