CM's Refereeing Favours Table (Matchday 34): Calcio's Penalty Woes!

Conte arbitro Guida
22 April at 15:20
Welcome back to our exclusive Refereeing Favours table, where we recap the biggest howlers of the week, and whether they had a key impact on the game in hand.

It's been an absolute shocker for referees this week. One went against a decision he himself had made a few weeks before, denying AC Milan a chance to beat Carpi from the spot. Another turned down two clear penalty appeals for AS Roma... only to then award them a rather questionable spot kick, which capitoline legend Francesco Totti buried for the win. 

So, without further ado, we list the reasons why the FIGC should probably send its men in black on a little refresher course this summer...

Chievo - Frosinone: Carmine Russo's sending off of Yussif Chibsah was wrong: though the Frosinone midfielder clearly elbowed the ball, his arm was attached to his body.

Empoli – Verona: Marco Serra's debut in Serie A action was hardly without blemish, especially when he sent off Samuel Souprayen off for diving, when he had clearly been floored by Leandro Paredes. Oh, and it would have been a penalty for Verona, too. Talk about kicking someone when they're down!

Roma – Torino: A bad, bad day at the office for Gianpaolo Calvarese, who denied the Giallorossi a stunning two penalties: Radja Nainggolan saw two shots handled by Gaston Silva and Alessandro Gazzi in the box, only for the referee to wave play on. When Calvarese did point to the spot, he got that wrong, too, as Diego Perotti's late cross hit Nikola Maksimovic's arm... which was attached to his body. Francesco Totti would bury it to send Roma ahead.

Milan - Carpi: Andrea Poli's cross brought up some coherence issues for Referee Marco Guida. With the ball bouncing off Emanuele Suagher's arm as the defender slid on the deck, Guida waved play on... even though he'd given Inter a penalty two weeks before for a very similar foul by Emiliano Moretti. Ouch!


Matchday 1: (+)Fiorentina-Milan(-).
Matchday 2: (-)Roma-Juventus(+), (-)Carpi-Inter(+), (+)Chievo-Lazio(-).
Matchday 3: (-)Frosinone-Roma(+), (+)Juventus-Chievo(-), (+)Empoli-Napoli(-).
Matchday 4: (+)Udinese-Empoli(-), (+)Roma-Sassuolo(-).
Matchday 5: (+)Inter-Verona(-), (+)Juventus-Frosinone(-).
Matchday 6: (-)Sassuolo-Chievo(+), (+Verona)-Lazio(-),(+)Frosinone-Empoli(-).
Matchday 7: (-)Chievo-Verona(+), (+)Sampdoria-Inter(-).
Matchday 8: (-)Napoli-Fiorentina(+), (+)Sassuolo-Lazio(-), (+)Verona-Udinese(-).
Matchday 9: (-)Palermo-Inter (+).
Matchday 10: (-)Frosinone-Carpi(+), (+)Sassuolo-Juventus(-).
Matchday 11: (+)Bologna-Atalanta(-), (+)Genoa-Napoli(-), (-)Palermo-Empoli (+).
Matchday 12: (+-)Milan-Atalanta(-+), (+-)Roma-Lazio(-+), (-)Empoli-Juventus(+), (-+)Sampdoria-Fiorentina(+-).
Matchday 13: (+)Bologna-Roma(-), (-)Fiorentina-Empoli (+), (+)Inter-Frosinone(-).
Matchday 14: (-)Roma-Atalanta(+), (+)Sassuolo-Fiorentina(-).
Matchday 15: (+)Torino-Roma(-), (--)Inter-Genoa(++), (+)Bologna-Napoli(-), (+)Verona-Empoli(-), (-+)Carpi-Milan(+-).
Matchday 16: (+)Palermo-Frosinone(-), (+)Empoli-Carpi(-), (-)Juventus-Fiorentina(+), (-)Milan-Verona(+).
Matchday 17: (+)Frosinone-Milan(-), (+)Sampdoria-Palermo(-), (+)Verona-Sassuolo(-).
Matchday 18: (--)Empoli-Inter(++), (--)Udinese-Atalanta(++), (+)Sassuolo-Frosinone(-), (-)Lazio-Carpi(+).
Matchday 19: (-)Atalanta-Genoa(+), (-)Sampdoria-Juventus(+).
Matchday 20: (+)Bologna-Lazio(-)
Matchday 21: (+)Empoli-Milan(-), (-++)Inter-Carpi(+--), (+)Lazio-Chievo(-), (-)Juventus-Roma(+).
Matchday 22: (+)Atalanta-Sassuolo(-), (+)Carpi-Palermo(-), (+)Bologna-Sampdoria(-), (+)Milan-Inter(-).
Matchday 23: (+)Sassuolo-Roma(-), (-)Fiorentina-Carpi(+), (-)Inter-Chievo(+).
Matchday 24: (--+)Napoli-Carpi(++-), (-+)Verona-Inter(+-).
Matchday 25: (-+)Lazio-Verona(-+), (-)Palermo-Torino(+), (-++)Sampdoria-Atalanta(+--), (-)Fiorentina-Inter(+).
Matchday 26: (-)Verona-Chievo(+), (+-)Inter-Sampdoria(-+), (-+)Sassuolo-Empoli(+-), (-+)Atalanta-Fiorentina(+-), (-)Genoa-Udinese(+), (-+)Torino-Carpi(+-), (-)Roma-Palermo(+). 
Matchday 27: (+)Carpi-Atalanta(-), (+-)Chievo-Genoa(-+), (+-)Palermo-Bologna(-+), (--)Sampdoria-Frosinone(++), (+)Udinese-Verona(-).
Matchday 28: (+)Roma-Fiorentina(-), (+-)Bologna-Carpi(-+), (+1)Sassuolo-Milan(-+).
Matchday 29: (+)Chievo-Milan(-), (+)Fiorentina-Verona(-), (-+)Genoa-Torino(+-), (+)Udinese-Roma(-).
Matchday 30: (-)Roma-Inter(+), (++)Atalanta-Bologna(--), (-+)Frosinone-Fiorentina(+-), (+)Sampdoria-Chievo(-), (-)Sassuolo-Udinese(+), (---+)Torino-Juventus(+++-), (+)Napoli-Genoa(-).
Matchday 31: (+)Atalanta-Milan(-), (-)Chievo-Palermo(+), (-)Inter-Torino(+), (-)Lazio-Roma(+), (-)Udinese-Napoli(+). 
Matchday 32: (+)Empoli-Fiorentina(-), (+)Frosinone-Inter(-), (+)Napoli-Verona(-), (+)Roma-Bologna(-), (+)Sampdoria-Udinese(-).
Matchday 33: (+)Carpi-Genoa(-), (+)Inter-Napoli(-), (+)Udinese-Chievo(-)
(+)Chievo-Frosinone(-), (+)Empoli-Verona(-), (--+)Roma-Torino(++-), (-)Milan-Carpi(+). 

THE SERIE A BLUNDERRIFIC TABLE (Team - Errors for - Errors against - Aggregate): 

Carpi 13 - 8 (+5
Juventus 8 - 4 (+4
Atalanta 10 - 7 (+3
Inter 13 - 10 (+3
Bologna 7 - 5 (+2
Torino 8 - 6 (+2
Empoli 8 - 7 (+1
Genoa 6 - 5 (+1
Sampdoria 8 - 7 (+1
Udinese 6 - 5 (+1
Chievo 7 - 7 (0
Sassuolo 7 - 7 (0
Verona 8 - 8 (0
Fiorentina 7 - 9 (-2
Frosinone 6 - 8 (-2
Palermo 4 - 6 (-2
Napoli 4 - 7 (-3
Roma 8 - 11 (-3
Lazio 3 - 8 (-5
Milan 4 - 10 (-6). 


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