Commisso breaks into tears as 10.000 Fiorentina fans welcome him: a new era begins

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08 June at 21:30
'I wasn't expecting to be received like this, in New York no one knows me, here everyone recognize me'. As Rocco Commisso was making his entrance in the Hotel Savoy, he broke down in tears because of the reception he received from the local Fiorentina fans. Commisso took over Fiorentina from the Della Valle family as a new era has begun in Florence.

A WARM WELCOME - There were 10 000 viola fans who were present to welcome Rocco Commisso as many 'welcome banners' were also present. The fans all seem very excited by this news as it was time for a change. Commisso seems very excited to be on board but as he also said: 'The past few days have been very long, I need a little break now!'. Commisso means business as he plans on installing a 'serious project' in place as Fiorentina fans can certainly look forward to a new beginning... 

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