Curva Nord in full force against Icardi: 'Get out of Inter!'

02 April at 12:15
The Mauro Icardi telenovela is adding another episode to the already long and tiresome story. The Curva Nord, Inter Milan's ultras, have taken their stance against the former Nerazzurri captain. Here is the statement of the ultras group:

"After an internal discussion, all the groups of the Curva Nord have unanimously decided that the behaviour of the Nerazzurro number 9 should no longer be tolerated," it said.

"The Nord believes that Icardi has shown that he does not possess the necessary character not only to obtain the captain's armband but even to build a future on his figure to obtain a united dressing room.

"With this release, we invite the Inter management to take necessary steps to remove him from the group as soon as possible, as he does not seem willing to share the immediate future and future course of the team even at risk of compromising the season finale.

"Getting qualification in the Champions League without a project that puts the group at the centre, of which Icardi evidently cannot be a part of, only means laying the foundations for future failure.

"For us, team values come before personalities and media protagonists, so the position of the Nord is that Icardi is no longer a part of Inter and from now on he will be treated accordingly.

"In Genoa, all of us will be united to build a future together and take to the heart the only thing that counts...Inter," the statement concluded.


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