Cutrone, Immobile and the other 'emigrants': the Top Italian Flops outside of Serie A

10 January at 12:00
Italian players and career spells abroad do not always go hand in hand. More precisely to say, they rarely go hand in hand, with the exceptions of players like Marco Verratti at Paris Saint-Germain or Jorginho at Chelsea.

Most players, when presented with the possibility of going to play abroad in one of the other top 5 European leagues, take their time to think about the opportunity and often refuse because of all the uncertainty surrounding a possible move to either the Premier League, La Liga or perhaps the German Bundesliga.

But there are players who have chosen this path but it must be said the number of positive outcomes can be counted on the fingers of one hand, as many players that went out of Italy had big problems adapting to life and football outside their country and they mostly ended up returning to Serie A.

One of these examples is Patrick Cutrone, who joined Wolverhampton last summer from AC Milan, only to be set to join Fiorentina just 6 months after completing a move to England.

Click on the gallery to see the other Italian players to have flopped outside Serie A.
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