Death of Inter fan Daniele Belardinelli: a car has been seized in Naples

03 January at 14:00
There is a possible turning point in the investigation for the death of Daniele Belardinelli, the Inter fan killed in Milan during the clashes between the ultras of Inter and Napoli. According to Ansa, the Digos of Napoli has seized a car, an Audi station wagon, that would be present on December 26 in Via Novara, the place where the fights happened.

The images of the clashes have made it possible to identify the vehicle, also thanks to some eyewitnesses that were necessary due to the absence of photograms relating to the car license plate. The car belongs to the father of a Neapolitan fan and was seized in a deposit of Naples. Two other cars have been identified, awaiting the seizing.


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