Breaking: Di Biagio announces his resignation as coach of Italy's U21 team

Di Biagio sulle ginocchia Italia Under 21
25 June at 11:30
Luigi Di Biagio says goodbye to the Italian U21 national team after being eliminated from the European championship yesterday. After France's 0-0 draw against Romania, Italy's adventure in the competition ended yesterday, as did that of Di Biagio on the bench. The manager resigned during today's press conference.

"We must separate the results of these years from what happened at this tournament. I would say that a great job has been done. We have made many players grow, we have been competitive with many strong teams, many boys have gone to the senior national team," he said.

"Then there are painful notes because the result is not positive but it is not a failure for myself. I will no longer be the coach of the U21. I thank everyone, from the managers to Maurizio Viscidi.

"The fault is not ours alone, without looking for alibis. The main responsibility is on me and the players. But those who say we have no game plan and do not run, say it in bad faith. We had more shots, we have been more dangerous than the others. If Romania had won, you would have told me that I was the best of all.

"Taking players from the senior national team? I would have done it again. Even Zaniolo and Kean gave me something, maybe less than the other 4 but I don't feel like reproaching them.

"The main thing I learned is that it doesn't matter if you win but how you win. We played very good football, changing the mentality of our boys. Having influenced Roberto Mancini's choice to put Verratti and Jorginho on me is very pleasing. I think the most obvious thing was the change of mentality compared to the past.

"I'm on the market. Serie A and Serie B clubs have been looking for me but out of respect for the Federation, I have always said no. Thanks to the growth of these years I feel ready for new challenges. I would have left anyway. I do not feel stimulated enough anymore," Di Biagio concluded.


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