Dybala: ‘I can’t promise I’ll stay at Juve forever, I miss Pogba and Dani Alves'

21 November at 09:55
Juventus star Paulo Dybala has released an interview with France Football talking about the current campaign and his future. Well, it is safe to say that Manchester United fans will be happier than those of Juventus after reading these words.

“I can’t promise I will stay at Juventus forever. It does not depend on me but I don’t even want to say that this will be my last season here. I want to win everything now, football is strange you never really know what will happen in the future.”

“I’d like to battle it out with Neymar for the Ballon d’Or but he is closer to that achievement than I am. I need to work to improve and win trophies. I’ve always admired Ronaldinho but Messi is like Maradona for me. It’s a honour to play alongside him in the national team. I don’t feel the pressure of being the new Messi, it’s not a bad thing for a footballer, it only depends on how you take it.”

“Buffon is a legend, he’s 40 but he is like he had 20. I must admit I miss Dani Alves and Pogba. Alves has an amazing vision and is really self-confident, he is one of the best players I’ve ever seen. Pogba is a friend of mine, we were on very good terms on and off the pitch.”

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