Dybala: 'One day you're the best and the next you are useless'

Dybala: 'One day you're the best and the next you are useless'
2019-24-04 - 11:00
Juventus forward Paulo Dybala has spoken to the Corriere della Sera about life at Juve, the impact of Cristiano Ronaldo and the club's performance in competitions this season.

"The life of the players is like a roller coaster: one day you are the best, the next one you are useless and finding a balance is not always easy. It happens to everyone, even to champions like Messi and Ronaldo: after what they have done in their career they are still criticized.

"Number 10 shirt? When the managers proposed it to me, I thought about it, but you can't refuse such an offer. For me it's an honor and a responsibility: I have to prove that I deserve it every day.

"Ronaldo? Nobody would have imagined it, not even us: we thought it was just a newspaper headline. Seen up close, Cristiano is a simple boy. He has his image, his character, a way of being on the pitch, but inside the locker room he is like the others and likes to joke with everyone.

"Football? Why did I choose it? As a child I tried basketball. One day we were playing and the ball came low and I, instead of taking it with my hands, kicked it: it was the moment when I realized that my sport was football."

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