Eriksson: ‘Serie A is boring, Juventus always win, the Premier League is better’

12 April at 10:45

Former Lazio and England coach Sven Goran Eriksson spoke to the Corriere dello Sport about the state of Serie A at the moment: "Juve are strong, very strong, they have a great team and a great club structure. You can only compliment her and say good to her managers, coach and players, but it is a pity for Italian football. It has now become a routine, almost a bore. Without wanting to take anything away from the great merits of Juventus, the league starts and we already know how it will end, who will win it, and this is not nice. We miss a time when in Italy the teams that could win the championship were four or five? Milan, Inter, Roma, Napoli, Lazio: With Juventus so strong, almost unbeatable in Italy, Italian football loses interest, look what happens in the Premier League, which today is certainly the most fascinating championship there is: once Manchester City wins, once Manchester United win once Chelsea win and once Claudio Ranieri's Leicester win. The Premier League is more engaging and exciting than the Italian championship. 


ON RONALDO -"I never expected Ronaldo to arrive in Italy. And when you are chosen by Cristiano Ronaldo as a team, it means that you have a great charm. Juventus now has this charm on us and the blow it has done is from a great club. And perhaps it is only the first, if it continues at this rate. The good year for the Champions League? He will go to the semifinals and then play with Barcelona, ​​Manchester City and Liverpool, but whoever has Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have something more."


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